• Through the Looking Glass – Reflecting & Moving Forward…

    Greetings, friends –

    As always I hope this blog post finds you well!  I hope that you – as I am – are starting to ramp down for the holidays, getting what I’m sure is a much needed break.  I know I’m looking forward to recharging the batteries to head in to what promises to be a very interesting and impactful 2015.

    I’m on the way home from Miami Dade College, where today we completed the ninth of nine reflection meetings in the last two weeks at the nine CBD colleges.  Along with my colleagues from Public Agenda at all but today’s visit, we visited 8 of the 9 colleges in person for about 2.5 hours and chatted with the other college on a conference call.  It’s been a fascinating two weeks, as we have shifted the way in which we do these biannual reflection meetings.  We’ve...

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